Herd Sires

Herd Bulls

HH Wesson

He is a PCC Ruger 1042T Son.  Ruger’s birth weight EPD is in the top 10% of the Angus Breed.  He is a very low-maintenance bull with energy value in the top 2%.

Cool 203

Cool is a calving ease sire with performance and muscle from a very maternal cow family. We visited with Brooke Miller before purchasing Cool and were very impressed with the females he produced. He produces heifers that are wedge shaped and maternal in their look with perfect udders.

A.I. Sires

PCC D-J Conquistador 2707C

Conquistador was a top-sort bull in our 2016 Missouri Spring Sale. He is a Low Input son that goes back to Bench Mark on the bottom side of his pedigree. Conquistador’s birth weight EPD is in the top 1% of the Angus breed. His maintenance energy ($EN) EPD is in the top 3% of the breed. Our first-ever Australian bull sale featured a very impressive set of Conquistador sons. He is co-owned with D Bar J Cattle in Missouri and Furracabad Station in Australia.

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